Benincasa Special School, based in South Dublin enrols children aged between 5 and 16, that have been referred to the school due to the child’s special needs and inability to thrive in mainstream education.

Our staff are multi- talented, highly trained and dedicated to nurturing the students by encouraging them to realise their full potential, and recognising their individual skills and talents. Students have access to multiple resources to help them reach important educational milestones.

We encourage open communication and interaction between parents and teachers. We provide a safe, caring, learning environment.

A Word From the Principal

As Principal of Benincasa School, I’m committed to fostering a positive work ethic in all who work and learn in Benincasa.
During their time in Benincasa, each child will experience extra-curricular sport, dance,  music, drama etc, and new areas of talent will be identified which can be further nurtured and developed as the child transitions back to mainstream or moves on to second level.
As we prepare children for the stresses and strains of an ever changing world we endeavour to have each child reach their full potential by tailoring the curriculum to their individual needs, and by encouraging each child to value hard work.

– Diarmuid Delaney, Principal

Garden in Benincasa