All the policies active in Benincasa for the current school year can be found listed on this page to download. We are consistently revising and updating our policies to ensure the best practices and guidelines are in place. We welcome you to view and download these policies.

If you need more information please contact the school or your child’s teacher to request the latest policy information or to recommend any edits.

Absconding Policy: Absconding Policy
Admissions Policy: Benincasa School Admission Policy 2024
Admissions Notice: Bc Admissions Notice 23-24
Aggression Policy: Aggression Policy
Anti- Bullying Policy: Anti- Bullying Policy
Bullying Policy: Bullying Procedures
Class Rules: Class Rules
Child Safeguarding Statement: Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment
Data Protection Policy 2016: Data Protection Policy
Exclusion Policy: Exclusion Policy
Expulsion Policy: Expulsion Policy
Healthy Lunch Policy: Healthy Lunch Policy
Mobile Phone Policy: Mobile Phone and Electronic Device Usage Policy
Offences leading to Detention, Suspension and Expulsion: Offences Outline
Rewards and Sanctions: Rewards & Sanctions
School Rules: School Rules
School Tours Policy: School Tour Policy
Seclusion Policy: Seclusion Guidelines
Unacceptable Behaviours: Unacceptable Behaviours
Violence Towards Staff Policy: Violence Policy
Website Privacy Policy 2018- 19: Privacy Policy