JUNE: School Sports Day- June 19th. Footballer of the year was awarded to Sean O Leary. The Mick Dunne Trophy was awarded  to Aaron Finnigan Doyle.

Tennis Tournament- June 20th.

Aquatic Centre -Friday June 21st.

Leaver Assembly….Monday June 24th.¬†We say goodbye and good luck to Anton Halpin,Kurt Kane,Vito King,Aaron Finnigan Doye,Modestas Motuzas.

Unsung Heroes – Wednesday June 24th.

June Class Trips

  • Class 1….Fort Lucan.
  • Class 2- Dublin Zoo
  • Class 3- Howth
  • Class 4- Dun Laoghaire Coastal Walk
  • Class 5- Dublin City Centre
  • Class 6- Bowling
  • Class 7- Newgrange